When we have to do pushups


My coach’s expectation:


First day of Junior Year - Round 1

Precalc: My teacher tried really hard to be funny but it was too early in the morning. I have heard that she’s bipolar but I though she seemed generally nice. She gave us actual notes and homework though. -_-

Debate: I am madly in love with this class and the teacher and I am so glad I have it every day. I was so excited to contribute to the discussion that when I opened my mouth it came out like UHHH ASLFLKLH UHHHH GJKAWOIUOIHKNC, so I’m determined to do a lot of research tonight and redeem myself during our discussion on the Arab Spring tomorrow. I’m really excited for this class to make me a more critical reader and a better speaker and presenter.

AP Psychology: I know it’s going to be a lot of work, but my teacher is really down to earth and like-able. I’m also really interested in the subject, and I don’t think I could possibly spend more time on it than I did on AP World last year. Also, I sit next to Jasmine, so we’ll keep each other sane. ;*

Business Law: Ok I seriously only joined this class for next semester which is Business Management, but this class seems interesting too. I have it with another boat mate tooo <3333 The teacher tried really hard and had us fill out one of those “tell me about yourself” surveys like in middle school. I hope the content of the class is better.

All of my electives were today (besides pre-calc), and all of my more difficult core class are tomorrow. Awesome.

In Germany, police fired 85 bullets in all of 2011.







In the U.S., police fired 90 shots at one unarmed man in Los Angeles. 

Not to mention, they hit him only like 10 times. Spray and pray as always, LAPD.

The Norwegian police has fired 79 shots since 1994.

>The Norwegian police has fired 79 shots since 1994.

Let’s go to Norway

Norway’s population is the size of Minnesota.

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